25. Jul 2017

Berlin‘s machtfit GmbH secures growth financing round led by Seventure Partners

machtfit closes EUR 2.2 million Series B round

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25. July 2017 Berlin‘s machtfit GmbH secures growth financing round led by Seventure Partners

A leader in corporate health solutions in Germany, Berlin‘s machtfit GmbH secures growth financing round led by Seventure Partners 

Berlin, July 25, 2017 – machtfit closes EUR 2.2 million Series B round led by Seventure Partners, a Paris-based venture and growth investor in healthcare, microbiome and nutri-tion. Existing investors Dr. Becker Klinikgruppe, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and PHS Capital also participated in the investment round. Since its market entry in 2011, machtfit’s corporate health solution has become the leading platform for corporate health in Germany. The funding will be used to expand machtfit’s market position and product offering. 

machtfit offers an online platform and smartphone-app for corporate health solutions. The platform enables the employers to offer regional fitness and well-being activities to their employees contrib-uting to maintenance and promotion of healthier lifestyle and wellbeing. To date, machtfit works with over 100 companies, including TOTAL Deutschland, Vattenfall Europe, Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services, DB Vertrieb GmbH and Gazprom Germania GmbH. machtfit has continually expanded its market leadership and developed the platform into the leading solution for digital cor-porate health promotion. machtfit partners with over 4.500 health providers in Germany, including 

Bodychange, Holmes Place, fitbit, Freeletics and Weight Watchers. The digital platform informs and engages employees to make better health decisions, guides them to the program, product or provider that best fits their needs, and enables them to book the offer with a few clicks, no matter where they are or work. Additionally, it supports companies internal HR processes through digitali-zation.

In connection with the financing round, Oxana Kukhaneva, Seventure Partners, joins the compa-ny’s Board of Directors.

Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner at Seventure Partners, says: „The field of health and wellbeing has the potential to benefit hugely from digital technology innovation. The current investment strengthens machtfit’s pole position to embrace and succeed in the evolving landscape of preventive healthcare and wellbeing in Europe.”

Daniel Steffen, Investment Manager at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft comments on the investment round: „The corporate health market is a growing market, the newly issued prevention act has added significant momentum – and machtfit is perfectly positioned to capitalize on that dynamic.”

Stephen Seuntjens, Partner at PHS Capital responds: „PHS is proud to be associated with and a supporter of machtfit!  We are impressed with the progress they have made in serving one of digital health’s frontiers, corporate health, and becoming a platform leader in Germany as well as with some of the world’s leading Corporations.”

Philippe Bopp, CEO and Founder of machtfit GmbH says: „The newly raised investment will help us grow faster and continually improve our health platform. We thank Seventure Partners and our existing investors for the trust in our mission and are looking forward to working together.”

Dr. Petra Becker of Dr. Becker Klinikgruppe says, when asked about the current state of the indus-try: „Many modern employers have already realized that corporate health promotion is a necessity these days. Yet, there are very few user-friendly offers that reach more than just a tiny fraction of employees”. She adds: „thanks to a wide range of offers including regional gym-passes, certified online-stress-coachings or apps like Freeletics and Weight Watchers, combined with the digital nature of the product, machtfit reaches significantly more employees than other corporate health services”.   

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( [1]) provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early stage financing in Germany. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries. Currently two of the funds managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of 60 million euros and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of 40 million euros. Both VC funds are financed by means of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) administered by the State Berlin. Since 1997 the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, in consortia with partners, has made 1.25 billion euros available to creative and technology-orientated companies; thereof, the portion invested by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft itself, as lead, co-lead or co-investor, was approximately 173 million euros.

Daniel Steffen
Bundesallee 210
10719 Berlin
Tel: 030/2125 3201


01. March 2017 OMEICOS Announces First Closing of Series B Financing Round

OMEICOS Announces First Closing of €8.3 Million Series B Financing Round and the Initiation of Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Financing Provides Runway Beyond Completion of First-in-man Trial with Lead Compound OMT-28 for Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

Berlin, Germany, March 1, 2017 — OMEICOS Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class small molecule therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, today announced the first closing of a Series B financing round of €8.3 million and the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical trial with lead compound OMT-28 for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The financing was led by Vesalius Biocapital II S.A. SICAR and SMS Company Group, along with existing investors KFW Group, VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, High-Tech Gründerfonds II GmbH & Co. KG (HTGF), The Falck Revocable Trust, Ascenion GmbH and members of the management team. The funding will be used to support the newly initiated clinical program and to further leverage the therapeutic potential of the technology.

In addition to the financing, OMEICOS today announced the dosing of the first subject in the first-in-human clinical study for its lead candidate, OMT-28. The goal of the study is to evaluate safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of single and multiple ascending doses of OMT-28 in healthy volunteers. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 1 study is being conducted in a single center in Germany and aims to enroll up to 100 subjects.

“The successful closing of the Series B financing round in combination with the initiation of the first clinical trial with our lead compound, OMT-28, marks the beginning of a new stage of corporate development for OMEICOS,” said Dr. Robert Fischer, CSO and co-founder of OMEICOS. “We are grateful for the ongoing support of our investors and anticipate this financing to fully fund the company throughout the duration of the Phase 1 clinical study, which will set the stage for a swift transition into a subsequent Phase 2 trial.”

“We believe in the potential of OMEICOS’ distinctive small molecules to treat atrial fibrillation and other inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases,” said Vesalius Biocapital’s Dr. Christian Schneider. “We look forward to seeing progress with the Phase 1 clinical trial and are pleased to continue and strengthen our financial investment in the company.”

OMEICOS’ lead compound, OMT-28, is a stable synthetic small molecule analog of the natural omega-3 fatty acid metabolite 17,18-EEQ, which has a structure optimized to provide high efficacy, safety and oral bioavailability. OMT-28 has already proven its anti-arrhythmic and cardioprotective potential in different in vivo experimental models. OMEICOS' synthetic analogs of omega-3 fatty acid epoxides are currently focused on cardiovascular diseases, although they have the potential to be applied across a wide range of diseases.


More information on the trial (Eudra-CT 2016-003445-28) will be provided via the European Union Clinical Trials Register.

About Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia in humans. More than 30 million patients are affected worldwide and this number is increasing by 2% per year due to the aging population. AF is characterized by an irregular heart rhythm originating from the heart’s upper chambers, resulting in inefficient blood pumping. AF leads to a significant reduction in quality of life, increases the risk of stroke, raises the risk of heart failure and doubles the risk of death. Marketed anti-arrhythmic drugs have limited efficacy and often severe adverse effects, which together with the huge number of affected patients accounts for a high unmet medical need for a safe and efficacious medical treatment of AF.



OMEICOS Therapeutics is a spin-off company from the Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin. The company has discovered a series of metabolically robust synthetic analogues of omega-3 fatty acid-derived epoxyeicosanoids that have the potential to treat inflammatory, cardiovascular and other diseases. Epoxyeicosanoids, as a newly described class of bioactive lipid mediators, activate cell type-specific endogenous pathways that promote organ and tissue protection. OMEICOS’ small molecules are orally available and show improved biological activity and pharmacokinetic properties compared to their natural counterparts. OMEICOS’ technology is based on ground-breaking scientific results in the field of omega-3 fatty acid metabolism and physiology obtained by the companies’ founders, Dr. Wolf-Hagen Schunck, Prof. John. R. Falck, Prof. Dominik Müller and Dr. Robert Fischer. The companies’ research activities are supported by a grant from the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH
Dr. Ulrich Dauer, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Dr. Robert Fischer, Chief Scientific Officer and Managing Director
Phone: +49 (0) 30 9489 4810

Media requests:
MacDougall Biomedical Communications
Gretchen Schweitzer or Mario Brkulj
Phone: +49 (0) 89 2423 3494 or +49 175 5010575

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early stage financing in Germany. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries. Currently two of the funds managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of 60 million euros and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of 40 million euros. Both VC funds are financed by means of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) administered by the State Berlin. Since 1997 the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, in consortia with partners, has made 1.25 billion euros available to creative and technology-orientated companies; thereof, the portion invested by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft itself, as lead, co-lead or co-investor, was approximately 173 million euros.

Ute Mercker
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
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Tel: +49 (0)30 2125 3201

26. January 2017 Dalia Raises $7m to Build "Global Insights Engine"

Dalia Raises $7m to Build "Global Insights Engine"

Berlin and London, 26th January 2017 – Dalia – the company that generates real-time market and opinion data from a global network of smartphone users – today announces that it has raised $7m in a Series A round led by Balderton Capital, with participation from existing investors Wellington Partners and IBB-Bet. 

Harnessing the app economy and machine learning, the Berlin-headquartered startup is building a global insights and information engine that distributes millions of micro surveys to gather and analyze real time data on consumer attitudes, public opinion and market trends. Since launching in 2013, Dalia has generated over a billion answers from people spread across 96 different countries on topics ranging from brand perception to macroeconomic sentiment.

As the $68bn global market and opinion research industry faces increased pressure to improve the quality of data-collection, the explosive growth in smartphone ownership worldwide provides fresh channels to reach audiences for high-quality insights. Dalia combines advanced data science and analytics with real-time targeting and attribution technologies to generate insights from global audiences at  unprecedented scale, quality and speed. 

From fine-grain to mass scale.

“From fine-grain, industry-specific data on, for example, yoghurt consumption in Mexico to large scale data-sets that can be used as ‘early-warning systems’ for housing bubbles or political instability, we equip our partners with the ability to understand the global trends and behaviors that shape the world around them,” says CEO Nico Jaspers. “Through our technology, we have the potential to reach over one billion people and give a voice to public opinion and consumer attitudes on a truly global scale.” 

The company’s customers include some of the world’s leading research agencies and organizations, including Nielsen, Ipsos and Kantar/WPP, as well as world-renowned universities, think tanks and NGOs, such as UNICEF, Stanford University, the Bertelsmann Foundation and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Dalia plans to use the funding to invest heavily in data science, engineering and machine learning to further expand its real time analytics and attribution capacities. It is actively recruiting engineers, data scientists, as well as product and marketing specialists.

“Dalia has developed very rapidly and 2016 was our second consecutive year of revenue growth in excess of 500%,” says Nico Jaspers. “With Balderton Capital partnering with us, we are now extremely well-placed for the next phase of our growth.”

Balderton Capital’s Suranga Chandratillake adds: “Dalia’s unique ability to gather and sift insights, and to determine what people are thinking right across the world at any given moment, offers businesses and organizations huge competitive advantage, enabling them to act ahead of the curve rather than respond to events. We are delighted to be working alongside Nico and the team, as they help clients unlock value from data that would otherwise be out of reach.”

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft 
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early stage financing in Germany. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries. Currently two of the funds managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of 60 million euros and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of 40 million euros. Both VC funds are financed by means of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) administered by the State Berlin. Since 1997 the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, in consortia with partners, has made 1.25 billion euros available to creative and technology-orientated companies; thereof, the portion invested by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft itself, as lead, co-lead or co-investor, was approximately 173 million euros.

Clemens Kabel
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Bundesallee 210
10719 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 2125 3201

About Dalia 
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Dalia is a fast-growing technology startup focused on giving research agencies, brands, consultancies, academia, public institutions and other organisations access to high-quality market and opinion data at a global scale. Harnessing the app economy and combining advanced data science with real-time targeting and attribution technologies, Dalia’s insights engine distributes millions of micro surveys worldwide to gather and analyze real time data on consumer attitudes, public opinion and market trends.

Backed by some of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, including Balderton Capital, Wellington Partners, IBB-Bet and WestTech Ventures, Dalia is the the proud winner of several industry, technology and data awards, including the 2015 IIeX Competition for the "most innovative startup in Europe" in the market research and consumer insights space. Since launching, Dalia has generated over a billion answers from people spread across 96 countries. The resulting data is cited in over 2,000 news articles globally, including in leading news journals such as The Economist, Le Monde, The Guardian, South China Morning Post, El Pais, Corriere della Serra, Vice Magazine, Politico, The Washington Post, and Der Spiegel. Discover more at

About Balderton Capital
Balderton Capital is one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe, focused on investing in the best European technology companies at Series A. Based in London, the firm manages $2.3bn. Since 2000, Balderton has invested in over 100 companies, principally across Europe. Notable investments include Talend (open-source data integration provider, went public on Nasdaq in 2016); Magic Pony Technologies (acquired by Twitter in 2016); NaturalMotion (the mobile gaming developer, sold to Zynga in 2014); Betfair (the online betting exchange, 2010 IPO; LOVEFiLM (the home entertainment subscription service, sold to Amazon in 2011); MySQL, (the open-source database software, sold to Sun Microsystems in 2008); and YOOX Group (the online retailer of leading fashion brands, IPO in 2009). The current portfolio includes companies such as 3D Hubs, Citymapper, Kobalt Music, Prodigy Finance, Qubit, Scytl, ROLI, Talend, and The Hut Group. 

14. September 2016 Transamerica Ventures and IBB Bet jointly invest in

Transamerica Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft jointly invest in raises Series A funding from Aegon-owned venture capital firm Transamerica Ventures and VC Fonds Technologie Berlin managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. Saving Global-founders Tamaz Georgadze and Frank Freund also participated in the round, along with other industry insiders and business angels.

Berlin, 14 September 2016 – "These investments underline our role as the fastest growing pension provider in Germany and facilitate further execution of our strategy. In the coming months we will continue strengthening our team, developing our corporate pensions platform and boosting awareness of our award winning private pension products," says founder and CEO Jens Jennissen.

Clemens Kabel, investment director with IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, explains the investment rationale for VC Fonds Technologie: "We have closely observed the Fintech scene over the years and now have, for the first time, committed funds to an investment in this area. We found the consumer friendly product design, which has been independently confirmed in numerous tests, and the strong technological platform absolutely convincing. On this basis, has the potential to further expand its role as a front-runner in the pension area."

“ is the only Insurtech focused on state-sponsored savings plans. The team has a deep product knowledge and understanding of the needs of German pension savers. Everything is in place at to develop high quality pension products for fair prices for consumers that will become the market standard," adds Marco Keim, global board member of Aegon.

Dr. Alexander Kihm, co-founder and head of product development clarifies: "We operate in a market full of red tape, which is complicated, but far too important to be left to traditional providers with obsolete sales structures and questionable incentives. At the same time, we demonstrate that disruption is also possible by cooperating with progressive banking and insurance partners." GmbH was founded in November 2013 and has been financed by business angels. The founders also secured a place in the ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator program receiving start-up financing and mentoring as well as an advertising budget of 500,000 euros.

More about and the team:

Online newsroom:

About GmbH

The founders of are dedicated to developing efficient and customer-friendly retirement solutions.

For retail customers, designs and offers state-subsidised savings plans in collaboration with Sutor Bank and myLife Lebensversicherung AG. The offering combines customer-friendly pricing, scientific investment management and guaranteed annuity rates and is unmatched in the German market. also cuts out expensive brokers and sales agents and does not charge sales commissions. Instead it sells its products online and cooperates with independent advisors.

To corporate customers offers an online platform on which employers can establish and manage standardized and legally secure corporate pension schemes. The solution integrates robust processes, real time actuarial calculations and a graphic risk management interface into an intuitive front end. supports on-balance-sheet-, investment fund-, and individual life insurance based pensions and offers optional occupational disability insurance without the need for individual medical checks. Employees have access to individual portals where relevant pension information is up to date and intuitively presented.

Press Contact: Alexander Hinz | +49 (0)30 94413188 | | 

About Transamerica Ventures

Transamerica Ventures is the global venture arm of leading life insurance and asset management companies Transamerica and Aegon. Launched in early 2014 to help Transamerica and Aegon leverage innovation through a dedicated investment fund, Transamerica Ventures invests in startups developing technologies in the insurtech, fintech and enterprise software sectors and has offices in New York City and The Hague, The Netherlands. For more information, please visit

01. September 2016 On the path to success: Meetrics receives more funding for expansion

On the path to success: Meetrics receives more funding for expansion

New capital helps put international expansion plans into action for the leading provider of comprehensive reviews of the quality of digital ad placements

Berlin, 1st September 2016 – Meetrics, Europe's leading provider of comprehensive reviews of the quality of digital advert placements, has successfully completed its third round of funding. Two well-known experts in the ad-tech industry, Thomas Falk (eValue) and Ronald Paul (Muzungu Capital), are the newest members to join the company's partners. Alongside the newcomers, two long-standing investors VC Fonds Technologie Berlin (operated by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft) and yabeo Capital are also involved in this investment round. Meetrics now has new capital that amounts in total to a seven-figure sum that will primarily be used for the further European expansion of the company.

Following the previous investment rounds with VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, NWZ Digital and yabeo Capital, the current investment in expansion signifies another important milestone in the growth of the Berlin ad-tech company. "We reached profitability halfway through the year and were therefore able to calmly consider our strategic plans for Meetrics. With our new investors we can now focus on pushing ahead our international expansion and reinforcing our leading position in the market in the whole of continental Europe", the Managing Director of Meetrics Max v. Hilgers explains. Philipp v. Hilgers, also Managing Director of Meetrics, adds: "We were looking for investors who actually understand the ad-tech market and who could actively help us with our international expansion. With Thomas Falk from eValue and Ronald Paul we've found the perfect duo that will help drive our company's growth with their capital, networks, and business expertise."

Meetrics is currently represented internationally with offices in Paris, London and Vienna. With the new funding Meetrics is planning to open offices in Italy, Poland and the Nordic countries, in order to be able to offer an optimal service for campaigns which are becoming increasingly international. New investor Ronald Paul, who founded the international performance marketing agency Quisma 15 years ago, was convinced by these plans for expansion. In his position as global CEO, Ronald Paul has been responsible for increasing Quisma's international presence and has gained valuable insights into the ad-tech and media industries in many countries and continents: "In terms of evaluating the effectiveness of adverts, Meetrics already represents the standard in Europe. However, there is even more potential in Europe as an increasing amount of campaigns are designed to be shown in a variety of countries." Thomas Falk, new investor and partner from eValue, didn't hesitate in his decision to participate in this investment round which was also motivated by these factors: "With eValue we're looking for outstanding technology businesses with potential for international growth. Meetrics combines first-class technology with an international customer base and is therefore a great addition to our portfolio."

The current investors also still see Meetrics as a company with massive potential. "Meetrics is an exemplary company in the Berlin ad-tech field and addresses large problem areas in the advertising industry with its solutions Viewability, Fraud Prevention, Brand Safety and Audience Verification. We are proud to have been on board with Meetrics since the first investment round," states Christoph Zeller from IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. Matthias Sohler, partner of yabeo Capital also adds: "Since we invested in the company about a year and a half ago, Meetrics has developed at an astounding rate. Meetrics is already associated with other similar providers and sets the bar high with its new standards, exceeding most other competitors. Together with the other investors we can successfully bring Meetrics to an even bigger international market."

Since 2008, Meetrics has been fighting a battle against the inefficiency of online advertising – a large amount of ads won't ever be seen by users viewing the page. What's more, botnets generate false traffic and a large proportion of visible content is therefore not seen by the intended users. Only approximately 50% of adverts are seen by the intended target group, the other 50% are not visible at all or are placed in the wrong online environment. This situation was unknown to most in 2008 and advertisers would pay on the basis of ad impressions, as soon as the advert was fetched from the source. Initially, Meetrics’ approach of evaluating advertising banners according to their visibility, and not just according to the amount of impressions, was eyed with suspicion in the industry. Today however, viewability evaluations belong firmly to the industry standard. Leading advertisers, agencies and publishers trust Meetrics’ independent analysis, accredited by the MRC board, and include the results in their campaign KPIs as a standard procedure. Meetrics’ client base currently includes over 140 customers in 7 countries and also offers ‘Audience Verification’, analysis of target groups, and ‘Fraud Prevention/Brand Safety’, identifying trustworthy environments, alongside their visibility evaluation ‘Viewability’.

Meetrics currently measures billions of ad impressions every month and has become an indispensable tool for agencies, advertisers and publishers. Meetrics’ wide customer base boasts top marketers such as AOL, Condé Nast, RTL and Sanoma, internationally operating advertisers such as L'Oréal, General Motors or P&G and large agencies such as Omnicom, groupM and dentsuAegis. Meetrics no longer evaluates just national campaigns but is used on an international level.

About Meetrics

Since 2008, Meetrics has been providing cutting edge solutions to increase the quality of online marketing and therefore contributing to a more transparent and effective digital eco-system. With offices in Berlin, London, Paris and Vienna, Meetrics now has more than 65 employees. Alongside evaluating the visibility of online ads, Meetrics also makes it possible to control the ad environment, the target group and also protects against fraudulent placements. Meetrics is the first European vendor to be accredited by the most relevant industry committee, the MRC, for measuring display and video ads. In addition, Meetrics is also certified by the ABC/JICWEBS committee, and supports the viewability initiatives from BVDW, CESP and IAB Austria.

For more information or queries 

Ela von Tycowicz
Marketing and PR Manager, Meetrics GmbH
+49 30 609 8464 77 

19. July 2016 blogfoster Raises Multi-Million Sum in Latest Funding Round

yabeo Capital and all previous investors, including Axel Springer Plug and Play, VC Fund Technology managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and Nils F. Gläser (entrepreneur and business angel), continue to invest in the fast-growing tech start-up for blog and influencer marketing.

blogfoster gives advertisers access to a pool of thousands of bloggers and helps them place their products and brands within the sphere of relevant target groups. Advertisers are sorted by topic and relevant insights, leaving the bloggers to choose their preferred collaborators themselves. This process keeps the bloggers’ authenticity intact and makes them influencers, resulting in the significant perception and reputation of advertised brands. Advertisers can profit from the bond of trust between Bloggers and their readers. blogfoster handles the process from start to finish and reports relevant data after the end of the campaign to give both sides an objective overview of the milestones achieved.

After just over a year of being live, the blogfoster team managed to recruit thousands of bloggers and several hundred active advertisers as clients. “To us, this is a clear endorsement of our business model and now we’re focused more than ever on growing our team and business,” said Jan Homann, co-founder & CEO of blogfoster.

“blogfoster have doubled their revenues since the beginning of the year and are growing at a rate of 500 new bloggers per month, with a double-digit number of new advertisers joining monthly – we find that very impressive. The young and highly professional founding team as well as the scalable technology convinced us and we are happy to be a part of blogfoster. The team is ready and eager to accelerate this growth spurt with fresh capital to become the leading Influencer technology in Europe and beyond,” said Gerrit Seidel, CEO of yabeo Capital.

Plans to grow the Berlin team from 20 to 35 employees by the end of the year are already underway. The company will move to a new office in Berlin-Mitte; to accommodate their growing team and new members.

“As investors who have been there from the inception of blogfoster, we’re excited to offer more capital in tandem with strong partners, which will be invested in product development as well as national and international growth in the coming months,” said Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO of Axel Springer Plug and Play.

“The blogfoster application V2 is the best possible basis for our future growth plans. With our new tracking technology, blogfoster Insights (, we’re the only provider currently able to measure and analyze reach objectively for bloggers and advertisers. The next logical step is to incorporate other influencer channels into our network and broaden the scope of our campaigns,” said Simon Staib, co-founder and CPO. 

“Pioneering tech that combines all the influencer marketing channels has not conquered the market yet. Backed by our investors, our highly motivated team is focused on developing a product that closes this gap. We’ll announce the next big step on our path in this direction in Q4 2016.”

blogfoster GmbH (
Founders/CEO & CPO: Jan Homann, Simon Staib
Contact:Debora Murseli (executive assistant)
Phone: +49 30 6098 12453


About yabeo Capital GmbH

Yabeo Capital GmbH focuses on companies who are early stage but showing their first growth potential and have three things in common: ideas, that will change the market, an enormous potential to develop something smart and disruptive as well as passionate management teams. Yabeo’s main object as a venture capitalist is to help and support young companies reaching stable growth and a strong market positioning. Therefore, yabeo integrates co-investors like family offices and private investors in their investments. Matthias Sohler and Gerrit Seidel as well as yabeo’s venture partners and experts support the portfolio companies in an active manner by using there long lasting management experience, to gain sustainable success. Yabeo is based in Munich and focuses on innovative AdTech, FinTech, Health Tech and Tech companies. 

yabeo Capital GmbH  

Matthias Sohler

Gerrit Seidel  

Phone: +49 89 242457 22


About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft:

The IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides innovative Berlin companies with venture capital and has firmly established itself as the market leader for early stage financing in Berlin. The funds are largely used to support the development and market launch of innovative products or services as well as business ideas in the creative sector. As of March 2015, IBB Bet have two funds in the investment phase: Tech Fund II, with a volume of 60 million euros, and Creative Fund II, with a volume of 40 million euros. IBB and the State of Berlin contribute half of the fund each, the latter with the support of financing from the European Union’s European Fund for Regional Development. Since its founding, IBB Bet manages in total 252 million euros in funding. With the additional support of co-investments from our financing partners, IBB BET have invested more than a billion euros, financing over 185 companies since 1997.

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Laura Amsel
Bundesallee 210
10719 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2125 3201

About Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator GmbH:

The Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator is a Joint Venture between Axel Springer SE and the Plug and Play Tech Centre, a leading start-up investor from Silicon Valley. The accelerator program in Berlin runs for 100 days. Besides the 25,000 Euro seed funding, companies receive intense mentoring, workshops and access to an international partnership network.

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator GmbH
Markgrafenstraße 12-14
10969 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2591 78001

19. May 2016 Humedics - “Fast-track LiveR” Trial successful completed

Berlin, Germany, May 12, 2016 – Humedics GmbH, a specialist for real-time and mobile measurement of the individual liver function at the bedside of the patient, today announced that the company has submitted the marketing authorization application for the diagnostic agent necessary for the performance of the LiMAx test. The dossier was submitted in Germany, UK and Austria.

After the successful closing of the clinical phase III study with the LiMAx test in September 2015, Humedics submitted the application for marketing authorization of the diagnostic agent in April 2016. Submission was performed via the Decentralized Procedure in Germany, UK and Austria, with Germany being the reference member state. 

The “Fast-track LiveR” Trial with the investigational diagnostic agent 13C-Methacetin Solution for infusion was set up to demonstrate the positive impact of LiMAx test on patient management and diagnostic thinking related to postoperative management in patients undergoing partial liver resection.

Erwin de Buijzer, CEO of Humedics GmbH, stated: “After the successful closing of our phase III study we focused all of our efforts on preparing the marketing authorization dossier. This submission represents a breakthrough for the commercialization of our LiMAx test.” 

The recent submission for marketing authorization represents another milestone in the dynamic development of the company. After closing a series C financing round end of 2014 and the successful CE certification of the FLIP medical device in 2015, Humedics’ team now focusses on the preparation of a successful European market entry of the diagnostic agent for the LiMAx test.

The LiMAx test, in combination with the corresponding FLIP device and the diagnostic drug offers a clinically proven significant added value for patients with liver diseases and liver surgery. The LiMAx test is already being used in 17 top-tier university clinics in Europe.

About Humedics

Humedics has developed a breath test based diagnostic system (LiMAx test), which comprises a CE-marked medical device, breath masks and a diagnostic drug. More than 100 million people world-wide suffer from liver diseases (i.e. cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, metabolic disorders and liver tumors). The LiMAx test enables the clinician to quantitatively determine the individual liver function capacity for a patient within minutes. This allows for selection of treatment strategies that are optimally adapted to the individual patients liver status. Current applications published in highly respected scientific journals include diagnosis of the liver function before and after liver transplantation, liver surgery planning (e.g. assessment of the amount of liver to be resected without potentially increasing the risk of liver failure) and assessment of diseases such as liver cirrhosis. The LiMAx test has been used about 15,000 times in clinical practice. The phase III multi-center clinical trial required for marketing authorization of the LiMAx test has been closed successfully. 

LiMAx Test

The underlying principle of the LiMAx test involves the following steps: Firstly, the diagnostic drug solution is administered intravenously and the drug is metabolized in the liver to paracetamol and 13CO2. The latter is exhaled in the breath. The exhaled air is collected via a respiratory mask. Subsequent continuous measurement of 13CO2 in the patients’ breath using laser detection in the FLIP device provides a quantitative determination of the liver capacity and thus reflects the liver function.

Fast-track LiveR Trial

Fast-track LiveR was a prospective, randomized, controlled, multi-centric, phase III study for the early identification of low-risk patients after partial liver resection with the LiMAx test. The LiMAx test determines the actual liver function in real-time. The test includes the application of the diagnostic investigational medicinal product, 13C-Methacetin Solution for infusion and a breath test involving the use of Humedics’ FLIP device for measurement and analysis. 148 patients with different types of liver tumors and designated for open liver surgery were included in the study. Two study arms had been set up; each enrolling more than 70 patients. The LiMAx group was subject to a perioperative patient management according to the fast-track procedure. This included a pre- and postsurgical analysis of the liver function with the LiMAx test. In the control group the perioperative patient management was performed according to current clinical standards. The trial was conducted at six study centers in Germany and was completed in September 2015.

Humedics Contact:

Humedics GmbH
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Phone: +49 30 590083240

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19. April 2016 CareerFoundry Raises $5m

BERLIN, Germany, April 19, 2016: Closing its A round with funding of $5m, Berlin-based CareerFoundry, an online school for web development, iOS development, UX and UI design is building the largest learning community for tech careers. Working with hundreds of employers worldwide to place its alumni in paid jobs, CareerFoundry does not just guarantee its students jobs in their chosen field, but jobs they’ll love.

An antidote to the traditional classroom, CareerFoundry has put community at the heart of education, with its own  community boasting several thousands of actively engaged students, mentors and employers globally. The company has just closed their A round with $5m in funding from Tengelmann Ventures, Bauer Venture Partners and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, support that the online school will use to further strengthen its unique learning community for tech careers.

CareerFoundry’s community provides students, mentors and employers with a global network to tap into for employment opportunities; it is also hub of brilliant minds who work together to accelerate learning and facilitate each member’s success. With expert mentors hailing from tech giants Apple and Amazon coaching students one on one, its alumni have gone on to work for the likes of AT&T, Donna Karen and Wagepoint, to name a few.

Due to the success of its students - and the exponential demand for these skills in the marketplace - CareerFoundry has introduced a Job You Love Guarantee: a full refund of course fees if a student isn’t placed in a job they love within 6 months of graduating. This is the first worldwide money back guarantee offered by any tech bootcamp. It demonstrates the impeccable track record of CareerFoundry’s product and the quality of the alumni it produces. Raffaela Rein, CEO of CareerFoundry said: 

“Building on the track record of our alumni pool, we are excited about the next stage of CareerFoundry’s journey. Going forward we’ll be sharpening our focus on community, student success and employer relations.”

Having supported the company during its latest significant period of growth, Christian Winter, CEO of Tengelmann Ventures, said: 

“We were excited to see CareerFoundry’s student growth of more than 1000% in the last 12 months and look forward to our continuing partnership as the company creates the biggest pool of tech talent globally, ready to fill the millions of vacant jobs in the industry.”

CareerFoundry is an online learning platform, a destination for tech students to build lifelong careers and shape the future of the tech industry.

Tengelmann Ventures  is a 100% subsidiary of the Tengelmann Group and one of the leading venture capital investors in Germany. It has more than 40 shareholdings, among them early-stage-investments like Zalando, Delivery Hero, Stylight and ekomi.

Bauer Venture Partners Bauer Venture Partners (BVP) Bauer Venture Partners (BVP) is a Hamburg-based venture capital investor focusing on later stage digital media and publishing tech startups in Germany and the Nordics.

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early stage financing in Germany. 

For more information please contact:

Tim Fahrrendorf
Business Development Officer
Tel: +49 30 4849 2016

16. March 2016 High Mobility closes seed funding round


An angel consortium headed by Fabian von Kuenheim and the Berlin based venture capital firm IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are investing in High Mobility

High Mobility’s software platform connects cars with their surroundings – directly, securely and offline

The Berlin start-up High Mobility, which is specialized in the development of software for connected cars, has today closed its seed funding round with a 7-digit investment to finance further expansion of the business. The new funds will be used on development, sales and quality assurance along with an extension of electro-mobility products. High Mobility founders Kevin Valdek and Risto Vahtra attracted as principal investors a consortium of business angels headed by Fabian von Kuenheim, which also includes the Kuwaiti business man Ali M.T. Alghanim. Furthermore, they could win the Berlin based venture capital firm IBB  Beteiligungsgesellschaft with their managed VC Fonds Technologie Berlin as second investor in this round.

High Mobility connects cars with applications around them – directly, securely and offline 

High Mobility has developed a software platform which allows cars to connect with their surroundings in a simple, secure and direct way. This enables a multitude of application scenarios to be realized such as keyless access control, personalization settings and communicating with infrastructure, e.g. charging poles (electric cars) or car parks (payment machines). The integration of smartphones or other mobile devices (such as wearables) is also simple and secure. High Mobility’s technology distinguishes itself from existing solutions by not requiring an internet connection. Services can therefore be offered where mobile networks are restricted such as in underground garages and car parks. 

The software platform as an innovations interface for digital car applications

The High Mobility’s platform enables car makers as well as independent developers to quickly and flexibly launch new ideas and to provide them to customers as apps. For car makers, the platform serves as an interface for innovation, which accelerates the speed of new business models and services into connected cars. For developers, the platform serves as a direct and secure entry point to bring their applications and services into the market of connected cars.  

"We see the technology of High Mobility as a key to the success of connected cars. Every car in the future will have such interfaces. The team convinced us with its vision and skills. It's now about optimizing the product and making the business into a major player in the automotive world. Our role covers investment and business experience and we're ready to provide lots of both", said Fabian von Kuenheim.

"The automotive industry is facing major and exciting challenges. The connected car will fundamentally change mobility as we know it. High Mobility is to be a major part of this. We are really happy to have found top investors to help us on our way", added Risto Vahtra, CEO of High Mobility.  

In addition to the funding, High Mobility has set up an advisory board to provide the founders with industry and business expertise. The board includes Fabian von Kuenheim as well as Holger G. Weiss, who will bring his experience from Gate5 and Aupeo, and Stephan Schulze, Investment Director at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. 


HIGH ∙ MOBILITY is a startup from Berlin that specializes in the development of software for the connected cars. High Mobility's software platform enables cars to connect with their surroundings in a simple, secure and direct way. The core of the platform is sophisticated technology for a broad range of applications for the connected car which does not require internet access.  

High-Mobility GmbH was established in 2015 by Kevin Valdek and Risto Vahtra in Berlin and has currently offices in Berlin and in Tallinn, Estonia. The company is an alumnus of Startupbootcamp Berlin. Further information is available on

About Fabian v. Kuenheim:

Kuenheim Familiaris GmbH is the private investment company of the family of Fabian v. Kuenheim. Fabian v. Kuenheim (Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany) was founder, biggest shareholder and head of the board of Magirus AG, which was successfully sold to Avnet Inc. He uses Kuenheim Familiaris GmbH for sole or syndicated investments into high-tech companies in the areas of IT infrastructure and cloud computing, photonics, med tech, mobility and integrated mobile systems as well as companies that address the interfaces of these technologies. 

Fabian v. Kuenheim
Kuenheim Familiaris GmbH
Eichwiesenring 9
70567 Stuttgart
Office  +49-(711)-720770-11
Fax  +49-(711)-720770-10

About Ali M. T. Alghanim:

Ali M. T. Alghanim is a Kuwaiti citizen and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Dipl. Ing.) from the Technical University of Hannover, Germany. He is a controlling shareholder in several companies in the Gulf States as well as in Germany, including Ali Mohammad Thunayan Alghanim & Sons General Trading Co., Kuwait, Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Co., Kuwait and Michael Weinig AG, Germany. Mr. Alghanim is the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Kuwait and is widely acknowledged for forging close ties between the German and Kuwaiti governments. He represents most Kuwaiti investments in Germany, may they be done by public or private entities. In light of his merits with respect to the German-Kuwaiti friendship, Mr. Alghanim was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by the German Federal President in 2005. 

Philomena Pinto
Chairman & Vice Chairman Office Manager
Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company
Post Box 21540, Safat 13076
Office  +965-(2)-2246105
Fax  +965-(2)-4830511

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides innovative Berlin-based companies with venture capital and has established itself in Berlin as a market leader in early-stage financing. The funds are used primarily for developing and launching innovative products or services and creative business concepts. Currently, two funds managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase: the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, with assets of 60 million EUR, and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin, with assets of 40 million EUR. Both VC funds are subsidized by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the State of Berlin. Since 1997, in consortiums with partners, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft has provided more than 1.1 billion EUR to Berlin-based creative and technology companies, with IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft investing approximately 157 million EUR as the lead-, co-lead- or co-investor. 

Stephan Schulze
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Bundesallee 210
10719 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 2125 3201

04. March 2016 TXT e-solutions acquires PACE GmbH

TXT e-solutions acquires PACE GmbH, an innovative software specialist serving Aerospace and Airline industries worldwide    

TXT is initially purchasing 79% of PACE shares from its financial investors eCAPITAL AG, Strategic European Technologies NV, and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. The transaction is expected to close, subject to completion of customary corporate activities, on or about April 1st 2016. The consideration for the transaction will be adjusted with additional cash payments in 2016 and 2017, based on economic results from PACE operations.

The three founders and Managing Directors Michael Kokorniak, Dr. Oliver Kranz and Alexander Schneegans, will remain shareholders of PACE for the remaining 21%. The agreement includes a put-call option for the shares to be exercised in the period 2020-2021, at a price based on future PACE economic results and multiples substantially aligned to those of the initial transaction. 

After the acquisition PACE will continue to trade under its name and the three founders will continue to operate as Managing Directors to drive the future growth of the company. PACE employs 70 highly skilled people mostly in Berlin, with operations in the aerospace hubs of Toulouse (F) and Seattle (USA).

PACE, founded in 1995, serves the aerospace and aviation industries world-wide, providing innovative, proprietary software and services that help design, configure, evaluate and operate a growing portion of the global aircraft fleet. Major areas of application are preliminary aircraft and systems architecture design, aircraft and cabin configuration, aircraft economics and route analysis and innovative Electronic Flight Bag tools to improve operational efficiency.

PACE customer base of over 50 large companies includes top aircraft and engine manufacturers, airlines, civil and defence operators, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies, such as Airbus (D and F), Boeing (USA), Safran Group (F), GE Aviation (USA), COMAC (China), Sukhoi (Russia), Embraer (Brasil), Rolls-Royce (UK), Air France & KLM Engineering (F), Lufthansa (D) and Delta Air Lines (USA). 

The combined TXT Next + PACE operation has a potential market of over 300 large customers world-wide, an experienced, well referenced team of 350 specialists, innovative software products and rare competencies, which span the entire product lifecycle of the Aeronautics industry, across its entire supply chain and segments: fixed and rotary wings, civil transportation, specialty and defence. The competencies of TXT’s Next Division in on-board software, simulation, training systems and advanced manufacturing for aerospace are completely complementary to PACE’s expertise and product offering.  

Commenting on the transaction, Michael Kokorniak, CEO of PACE, said: “Joining forces with TXT will boost our ability to pioneer innovative technologies to strengthen and expand our product portfolio. We founders are really excited about this new chapter of our company and this tremendous opportunity to support our customers with even more advanced solutions and services.”

“We are delighted about the favourable development of PACE which we were able to accompany over the last few years,” summarized Paul-Josef Patt, CEO of German venture capital firm eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners which until now was the largest shareholder of PACE. Patt led the exit negotiations on behalf of the shareholders and foresees a continued prosperous future for the company: “I am convinced that the acquisition and support by TXT will allow PACE to reach the next level of progress. For this aspiration eCAPITAL wishes the founders and team of PACE as well as the new majority owner great success."

“We are very pleased that we succeeded in finding TXT as strategic partner for PACE. Not only the technological aspects even the cultural aspects between the companies are a perfect match. Both companies have a strong focus in serving their customers by providing technological perfect and innovative solutions. For us it was really important that PACE will remain an independent entity within TXT and that the operations in Berlin will be further strengthened,” added Clemens Kabel, Investment Director at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

TXT’s Chairman Alvise Braga Illa commented: “We are teaming up with an extremely competent group of people, who share our ethical and professional values of outstanding service and quality in critical missions. PACE’s founders and managers are profoundly motivated to innovate and achieve profitable, self-sustainable growth for the company.  From TXT’s corporate point of view, since total expected cost for 100% of PACE is of the order of 8m€, our net financial position will remain positive throughout. The transaction transforms TXT Next from a technology incubator into a pole of immediate greater value and of future growth, alongside our increasingly successful TXT Retail Division.”

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