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Investment Focus & Criteria

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft is a venture capital company in Berlin. We invest in Berlin based start-ups with a clear focus on the following four segments:

Creative Industries
Life Sciences
Industrial Technologies
ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) 

We offer our start-ups know-how and experience when it comes to scale a business. 

Life Sciences

Industrial Technolgies

Creative Industries



  • Scalable innovation

    We invest in highly scalable innovative technologies and business models that are in a position to conquer national and international markets driven by their USPs.

  • Initial investment

    We typically invest 0.2 to 1 million euros during an initial investment round, thereby acquiring a minority stake in the start-up concerned. More substantial commitments can be made during the initial investment phase if required. 

  • Follow-up funding

    Depending on capital requirements, our investment can be increased to a maximum of 4 million euros in subsequent rounds with existing and/or new investors and we can - in exceptional cases - offer funding of up to 6 million euros.

  • Co-investors

    All our investments are made in collaboration with other private investors, who at least double the amount invested. We can either act as lead investor or as co-investor. Each investor takes his investment decision independently.

  • Berlin

    The focus of our strategy is strongly regional; we invest in Berlin-based start-ups only. Shorter distances facilitate communication and help to support the start-up during all phases.

  • Prompt in-house decisions

    We actively support the requirements of dynamic, fast-growing start-ups through timely, independent in-house decisions.

  • Networking skills

    We have joined forces with over 300 national and international financing partners to invest in Berlin-based start-ups since our company was founded.

  • Portfolio synergy

    The close ties we have maintained with all of our investments since 1997 have allowed us to contribute to an active exchange of experience among start-ups based in Berlin.

  • Top teams

    A solid founding and management team combined with a good business idea is crucial in order to grow a successful start-up. Therefore we concentrate on entrepreneurs who show skills both in terms of personal qualities and technical expertise. Throughout our involvement we then work closely with them to secure the success of the business. 

Markus WitteFounder of Babbel

"IBB Bet has held a stake in Babbel since the first funding round in 2008 and has supported us with its expertise and networking skills throughout all phases of our company’s development - from market entry to the internationalisation of the organisation."


Julia Böschfounder & Managing Director of Outfittery

"For us, working with IBB Bet means having an active, local investor on board, which responds quickly to our needs – be it through assisting with minor aspects of the business or supporting us in major and international financing rounds."


Nikolas Leschkefounder of ECF Farm systems

"To us, IBB Bet is a committed investor, which is doing a great job supporting start-ups in Berlin. The collective expertise IBB Bet brings to our investor consortium has been enormously helpful to our development."


Dr. Hakim Bouterfafounder and Managing Director of OctreoPharm

"Our collaboration with IBB Bet has been excellent right from day one. Above all, I have always appreciated the fact that I can speak to IBB Bet in confidence when a critical situation arises and then arrive at a positive, fair solution for
all with their support."


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Fund volume in € million

Since 2015, we are investing from our 60 million euros and 40 million euros Tech Fund II and Creative Fund II respectively. Since the foundation of our company, we have established venture capital funds amounting to a volume of 252 million euros.



were made in Berlin-based start-ups from our funds and there is more to come. Together with our partners, we have invested over 1.43 billion euros in the recent years.



are currently in our portfolio. These companies generated revenues of over 641 million euros in 2018 and employ more than 3,258 people.

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