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The Digitization of Elderly Care Germany 3.4 million people are in need of long-term care

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27. September 2019 The Digitization of Elderly Care

The Digitization of Elderly Care

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Hello, I’m Daniel, Senior Investment Manager in our Life Sciences team. Besides drug development, biotech, medtech and diagnostics, we have here a specific interest in promising digital health and software solutions in the rapidly growing and challenging market of elderly care. We made several investments in that space and already exited companies successfully such as PflegeBoxMedia4CareNursIT and Seniovo. However, not only from an investor’s perspective, but from everyone’s private perspective it is highly important to get a better understanding about elderly care and its practical relevance because it is just inevitable that anyone of us will have a relative dependent on care or that we will at some time become dependent ourselves. Today I like to share some ideas and examples with you how digitization can impact elderly care, for instance, in supporting families, relieving caregivers and improving workflows.

As a result of the demographic change towards an ageing population in most western countries, the market for elderly care is undergoing a rapid growth (see table below). To meet the requirements of this development, the market faces enormous challenges across all of its segments like home care, assisted living, adult day care, long term care, care/nursing homes and hospice care. Such challenges comprise, for instance, investments in new care facilities and beds, the competition for qualified personnel, the care profession’s attractiveness, prevention, promotion of health as well as automation and digitization of processes and routine activities.

Source: Eurostat

In Germany there are currently 3.4 million people in need of long-term care, of which 2.6 million receive care by their families and/or with assistance of home care providers. Due to the fast-growing population of the ageing person, but the only slow-growing bed supply, more and more relatives will be responsible for the care of their family members at home.

It is obvious that there is a huge need for action to implement new measures and to bring new solutions to the market to relieve care-giving relatives, as well as care professionals. By means of digitization, technology and novel service models, start-ups can make substantial contributions. To get into a little more detail, I like to present to you an exemplary selection of elderly care start-ups, some of them are or had been in our portfolio.

Support of Families at Home

Of these 2.6 million people in need of care at home, an almost inconceivable number of 1.8 million receive care by their families only. This is, without any doubt, a huge burden. Unfortunately it comes with many types of, to a certain extent even unforeseen, challenges. and Töchter&Söhne offer access to extensive content, some of it as video-based trainings, on most practical, statutory, financial and social aspects if someone becomes dependent on care.

One practical matter comes in the form of specific nursing and incontinence products for everyday use. To avoid frequently visits of pharmacies and medical stores as well as bureaucratic hurdles with your care insurance, PflegeBox offers a selection of different, curated sets of such care products on a monthly subscription-base and settles all aspects on cost takeover directly with the insurance.

In addition, medical alert systems are covered by care insurances likewise. These systems can help seniors to live at home longer and more independent but can be very useful for elderly who do not receive care at home all day long. Companies like Libify and Zembro offer modern, smartwatch-integrated and to emergency centres and relatives connected solutions.

In many cases, living and care-giving at home even requires adaptations you need to make to your home. These changes can, for instance, range from stair lifts, bannisters, widened doorways, and outdoor ramps to bath lifts, walk-in showers and grab rails. Berlin-based Seniovo makes it easy to hire qualified fitters from their own partner-network for such specific needs of elderly care at home.

Families that cannot provide the required care for their family member may need to find assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating, with household chores, shopping and therapy. Via Careshipbetreut.deWohnen-im-Alter, and Pflegixfor exampleyou can find the home health care services and in-home care services you need. If care at home is not possible anymore, some of such marketplaces even let you find, compare and contact retirement homes, and care facilities such as care/nursing homes and hospice care providers.

Digitization Potentials in Care Facilities

Not only in home care, but also in the segment of professional care facilities there is a huge need to support caregivers in their everyday work, to optimize daily routines, to enhance the attractiveness of the care profession itself, especially since facility operators are struggling already now to find personnel, and to improve quality of life of elderly in need of care. One digitization potential lies for instance in the documentation of all nursing activities. It can take nurses around 40% of their working hours to document their day-to-day work. To considerably reduce such documentation efforts, NursIT developed a holistic software suite. Once implemented, on average nurses can gain one hour on nursing time per patient.

Another solution to ease the everyday pressure of nurses and to improve the quality of life of seniors is a specific tablet of Media4Care, which consists of diverse entertainment formats (e.g. movies, images, games) which were specifically produced for elderly, especially for those with cognitive dysfunctions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. With the integration of further functionalities like a family portal to better communicate with relatives, the tablet is being developed towards a holistic service platform. The tablets can be used by elderly at home as well — with or without need of care.

One on communication and family integration specialised provider is myo. With myo, nurses can share video, text and voice messages with relatives, so they can gain a better insight into their family member’s wellbeing and activities. Through direct integration and transparency into daily routines, unnecessary phone calls can be reduced and more time for direct interaction with elderly can be won.

Nonetheless, seniors in care facilities will still spend time without assistance and maybe take a walk in or around their nursing home. While doing so, there is a significant risk they might fall. That is why regularly geriatric assessments are mandatory to prevent such falls. Lindera developed a digital assessment to better estimate the likelihood to fall and to track changes over time. Thus nurses can better decide whom to accompany.

Future Potentials

As exemplary shown above, there are already several solutions available which can relieve both caregiving relatives and care professionals as well as improve quality of live for elderly at home or in care facilities. But there are some areas of application, where usage potentials are still untapped or not yet market-ready. Intelligent, assistive robotic systems could, for instance, undertake certain routines such as personal hygiene, especially intimate care, positioning and lifting, hence for caregivers demanding activities which even come with a certain level of embarrassment for elderly. Due to its demographic challenges and an overall highly positive perception, Japan has a leading position in development and usage of robotic systems such as Toyota’s human support robots, Panasonic’s transfer assist bed Resyone, hybrid assistive limb-solutions from Cyberdyne, amongst very-well known semi-humanoid interaction-robots like SoftBank’s Pepper and NAO.

Another potential lies in telemedicine, which can improve quality of care substantially. It can allow facilities to better organize communication with external physicians, like the patient’s general practitioner or with consulting physicians, to exchange medical information and to adapt therapies more efficiently. Until recently, applicability of telemedicine had been limited in the German market due to legal boundaries. After passing of several Care Improvement Acts in 2018 and 2019 (Pflegestärkungsgesetz and Pflegepersonal-Stärkungsgesetz), there is a lot more room for telemedicine solutions, with first, regional projects for elderly care already running.

If you are a founder who develops promising solutions which help to overcome challenges faced by elderly in need of care, care-giving relatives, as well as care professionals, maybe even on basis of such future potentials, you are always highly welcome to reach out to us! Looking forward to it!


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06. August 2019 Million-euro financing for Berlin-based start-up mika

Ananda Impact Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft invest in digital companion for cancer therapy

Berlin, 6 August 2019 – the Berlin-based digital health start-up mika, the developer of a digital companion for cancer patients, has closed a million-euro financing deal. The capital comes from the venture capital firm Ananda Impact Ventures and VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. The new round of financing coincides with the passing of the German Digital Healthcare Act (Digitale Versorgung-Gesetz, DVG), which represents a decisive turning point in the German digital health market. As digital health solutions like mika can now also demonstrate their influence on therapy outcomes in clinical studies, they are increasingly regarded as an important component of care, and are subject to medical device law. The DVG will enable physicians to prescribe these digital therapeutics, and health insurance funds to reimburse their purchase.

Cancer remains one of the world’s greatest challenges for both medicine and society. According to the WHO, 18.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018. In Germany alone, every second individual will suffer from cancer in the course of their life. 

To help these people, Dr Gandolf Finke and Dr Jan Simon Raue founded mika in 2017, and developed an app for patients and their relatives in cooperation with the Berlin university hospital Charité and University Hospital Leipzig. mika stands for “Mein interaktiver Krebs-Assistant” (“My Interactive Cancer Assistant”), and accompanies patients through therapy with a specially developed support program that is personalised based on the patient’s situation. Developed together with physicians and psycho-oncologists, the app provides information on diagnoses and treatment options, nutritional advice, relaxation exercises and concrete support for everyday living with cancer. In addition to valuable background information and motivating stories from former patients, users can utilise mika to document their physical and mental wellbeing, complaints and side effects in a patient diary, which they can reference in later discussions with treating physicians. The patient takes centre stage and is actively integrated in the treatment process using digital technology.

With Ananda Impact Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, mika has now gained two new investors. “We invest in start-ups that deal with the major social challenges of our time – so mika is a perfect fit for us,” says Dr Bernd Klosterkemper from Ananda Impact Ventures. mika helps where it is needed, and does not leave patients to fend for themselves with shocking cancer diagnoses, emphasises Daniel Steffen, Senior Investment Manager at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. “This is something we are very happy to support.” 

mika will use the infusion of capital to conduct a clinical study and further develop mika. In future, the app will be able to respond to individual patients in an even more personalised manner using artificial intelligence. “With Ananda Impact Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, we are pleased that we were able to convince two experienced representatives of the venture capital scene of the value of mika,” says mika founder Dr Gandolf Finke. “Together, we can improve the lives of millions of people suffering from cancer.” mika is available in the App Store and the Google Play store.             

About mika

mika is a Berlin-based digital health company, founded by Dr Gandolf Finke and Dr Jan Simon Raue in 2017. The company’s goal is to accompany individuals with cancer through the challenging time of illness and treatment, and to sustainably improve their quality of life and the outcomes of therapy through digital technology. The team consists of software developers, designers, therapists and physicians, and also draws on its own experience; many employees are former cancer patients themselves, or have relatives who suffer from cancer. For more information, please visit

Press contact:

Nana Gerritzen
0178 2920861

About Ananda Impact Ventures

Ananda Impact Ventures manages EUR 80 million in three funds, and is the leading impact venture capital fund with a pan-European investment focus. Ananda invests in outstanding impact businesses providing solutions to urgent social challenges. The active portfolio includes companies such as Auticon (IT consulting by individuals on the autism spectrum), IESO Digital Health (online psychotherapy), and Company Bike Solutions (company e-bike leasing for employees). For more information on Ananda Impact Ventures, please visit

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies, and has established itself as market leader in Berlin in the field of early-stage financing. The funds are primarily used for the development and market launch of innovative products and services, as well as for the business concepts of creative industries. Since March 2015, there have been two funds under management of IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft in the investment phase: VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of EUR 60 million, and VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of EUR 40 million. Both VC funds are financed by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), administered by the federal state of Berlin. In consortia with partners, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft has provided Berlin-based creative and technology companies around EUR 1.43 billion since 1997, of which IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft has invested EUR 200 million as lead investor, co-lead investor or co-investor.


Daniel Steffen
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
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Tel: +49 (0)30 2125 3201

15. July 2019 8 million euro investment for Wunderflats

Berlin, July 11, 2019 - Everyone should be able to live and work wherever they want - this is the vision of the company Wunderflats, Germany’s leading marketplace for temporary furnished housing, or “Housing as a Service” as they call it. The company has now collected a Series B investment of 8 million euros. The lead investor is PropTech1 Ventures, Germany’s first venture capital fund focusing on European PropTech startups. Existing shareholders such as IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Creathor Ventures and Axel Springer Digital Ventures have also increased their investments.

Expectations concerning mobility, flexible work and, consequently, housing are subject to fundamental changes. Especially geographically flexible employees and their employers are looking for ever simpler ways and more intuitive user interfaces to temporarily rent fully furnished apartments.

Through Wunderflats, tenants can book a fully furnished apartment to suit their needs for a rental period of one month or more, germany-wide. Roughly 5,000 companies such as Google, Microsoft, Axel Springer, Zalando and N26 already book furnished apartments for their employees on Wunderflats. 

The Berlin-based PropTech company not only brings together supply and demand for furnished housing on its website, but it also simplifies and professionalises the rental process - from the online presentation and marketing of the apartment to the automatic creation of legally compliant rental contracts, to the complete management of tenant interaction and innovative development of services for property owners.

Wunderflats’ portfolio of apartments consists of 20% commercially-owned serviced apartment houses and 80% privately-owned single apartments. Wunderflats' fixed-term rental contracts for temporary stays in furnished apartments help maximise real estate occupancy and thus maximise the use of residential space. At the same time, Wunderflats gives back housing space that was previously misused for holiday rentals to cities such as Berlin. This temporary housing solution is mainly used by professionals moving to a new city or employees who are dispatched to other cities for project work. Residents who need a temporary home due to extraordinary living circumstances, such as water damage in their own home, also regularly make use of local offers on Wunderflats.

Nikolas Samios, Managing Partner of PropTech1 Ventures, comments: "The flexibilisation of rental markets is currently one of the mega-trends in the real estate industry. What WeWork and Co. have created for office use, Wunderflats and its customers are achieving for the subject of "Housing as a Service": superior utilisation concepts that bring added value to both tenants and landlords. Particularly relevant for our investment decision was Wunderflats' B2B service, which allows property owners to outsource the entire medium-term furnished letting process. Especially in times of increasing regulatory uncertainty, it is essential to work with an expert."

Marvin Martsch
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Bundesallee 210
10719 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 2125 3201

25. June 2019 Tips & Tools to help you prepare your VC round!

You should read this article if you…

  • are currently preparing your financing round and want to get an overview of a VC’s investment process, 
  • wonder which documents you have to prepare along a DD process, 
  • just want to snatch some helpful templates. 

Then, this article is the right choice for you! You can read it on our Medium Blog.

05. June 2019 nuventura closes funding round

Berlin, 5. June 2019 - nuventura, a pioneer in sustainable electricity grid technologies, closes its seed investment round including E.ON, VC Fonds Technologie Berlin managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Apex Energy Teterow and existing investors. Previously, the company had issued convertible loans to finance its early stage development which were now also converted into shares in the company. After the investment, several grants, loans and national and international innovation prizes won, the company now has a substantial 7-digit EUR amount at hand to realize its upcoming goals and milestones.

nuventura will use the new investment to continue certifying its sustainable, patented technology for gas insulated switchgear for commercial application in the medium voltage range and to enter the market for switchgear technologies as a technology licensing company. The new funds will also be used to realize several installations of nuventura’s technology in electricity grids in and outside Germany and to develop additional products based on the company’s patents.

The core principle of nuventura’s technology is the avoidance of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) – the most potent greenhouse gas in existence – in its designs for gas insulated switchgear (GIS). GIS are a fundamental component of any electricity grid. Instead of SF6, nuventura uses simple dry air in its switchgear design, while keeping all benefits of the SF6-technology.

SF6 has a global warming potential (GWP) of 23500, meaning that once released, its greenhouse effect is 23500 times stronger than the effect of CO2. It is a synthetic gas for which neither a natural sink exists, nor an effective disposal method is at hand, making its accumulation in the atmosphere virtually irreversible. On top of this, the gas is extremely long-lived: SF6’s atmospheric lifetime is 3,200 years. Because of its strong global warming effect, its actual emissions equal to the CO2 emissions of approximately 100 million cars per year. While 85% of the total global SF6 production is used inside gas insulated switchgear (GIS), nuventura aims to replace this use case with its technology, to effectively abandon the use of SF6 at all.

“Our technology is currently unique in its market segment of medium voltage applications, because we managed to make it simpler and competitive with current technologies while adding additional benefits relevant for future smart grids.” says Manjunath Ramesh, co-founder and managing director of nuventura. “We just use the air we breathe as a replacement of SF6. This simplifies production and operation substantially”, he adds.

In addition to its new investors, nuventura is supported by a strong setup of existing investors and supporters, including experts from the industry such as Dr. Arndt Neuhaus, policy experts such as Dr. Christoph Wolff and Caio Koch-Weser or Dr. Kaveh Niayesh, Professor for power electronics at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.

“Our aim as an accelerator and seed investor is to partner with startups that developed trendsetting tech, have a great and diverse team and that are able to set up pilots with the E.ON businesses,” says Inga Land, Managing Director of :agile accelerator GmbH. “Nuventura brings all that along and we are looking forward to keep working with them.

Apart from the investment, it is planned to launch a pilot project together with E.ON’s network operator E.DIS at a location near Berlin. “

As an ecologically responsible network operator, we are highly interested in finding alternatives to SF6 technology and actively contribute to climate protection.” states Dr. Alexander Montebaur, Chairman of the Board of E.DIS AG. “We consider the innovative approach of nuventura as very promising.

Earlier this year, the electricity grid operator EWS Schönau already announced to install nuventura’s technology in its grid in 2020.

“We are very happy to see a deep-tech company like nuventura evolve in Berlin and strongly believe in its potential to shake up a whole industry from here. The case is very compelling for us and shows, that sustainable technologies and solid business cases can go hand in hand”, says Philipp Roth from IBB Bet.


Ira Garbuz

nuventura GmbH

Jablonskistr 21

10405 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 120 875 297 



About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early stage financing in Germany. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries. Currently two of the funds managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of 60 million euros and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of 40 million euros. Both VC funds are financed by means of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) administered by the State Berlin. Since 1997 the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, in consortia with partners, has made 1.43 billion euros available to creative and technology-orientated companies; thereof, the portion invested by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft itself, as lead, co-lead or co-investor, was approximately 200 million euros.


Philipp Roth

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04. June 2019 I(BB) Bet. You should speak to us.

For more than 20 years now we have been investing in Berlin-based startups and shaping the city’s ecosystem together with our founders and co-investors. Babbel, Blinkist and Thermondo are only three examples of more than 70 active companies we support. Each located in Berlin. You can see them all here on our website. Together with all of our partners we already invested more than 1.4 billion EUR — and that number grows every week.

We are extremely proud of this awesome development and highly curious about all the new startups accomplishing their great ideas, interesting new funds located in Berlin and international investors funding companies here. That means many new people shaping and enriching the scene.

With each and every one of you out there we would like to share our 20+ years of experience on our Medium Blog IBB Bet. Insights, unique insights into the Berlin startup scene and relevant stories about us and our portfolio (more under Stories & Insights). We want to provide you with valuable templates and tools to support you in reaching your goal faster (more under Templates & Tools).

But first: Who are we and how do we invest?

We are the Public VC for Berlin. We sponsor the city’s economy with our venture capital funds and aim to strengthen the startup ecosystem — and very grateful of all amazing achievements. In 2018 we were involved in one fifth of all deals in Berlin ending the year with 53 closings. That makes us the most active investor in the city. Our initial investments are usually Seed or Series A tickets in the range between 200k EUR and up to 1M EUR. In some rare cases even more. For each investment we follow our investment principles:

We are local. We only invest in Berlin-based companies. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is hard. It is very hard. You could compare it to an iceberg. The broad public sees the success on the outside. On the inside founders go through countless hours of hard work, make highly difficult decisions on a daily basis, encounter frustration and emotions on their way. Our regional closeness allows us to really support our founders and we enjoy building this bridge for our international co-investors.

Stronger together. We live co-venturing and it is deeply rooted in our DNA. We strongly believe that appropriate diversification of risks between two or more investors* is a blessing for ventures in early stages. Not only due to the (additional) money, but especially because it leads to more fruitful discussions and then better decisions, a wider network, more experience and more resources. Hence having a second investor pouring in around 50% of the necessary financing is a preferred set-up for us. Within a setting like this we can act as lead, co-lead or follower. In doing so we make our own decisions and stand up for our opinion.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If we believe in our founders, we know they can succeed. Mutual trust and open communication is the foundation that allows us as early-stage investor to have the necessary patience to work towards their vision. Even if the way from A to B is nebulous from time to time, we stay by your side.

What makes us different as Public VC?

Our LPs are not private investors. We manage Berlin’s public funds. All returns are reinvested to further strengthen our funds and subsequently our position as VC. Each company in our portfolio contributes to the next startup generation in Berlin when making a successful exit. That means while managing our venture capital funds effectively we have a meaningful share in Berlins economic development:

  • We strengthen companies that aren’t bankable due to their innovative products and development phase.
  • We indirectly provide new jobs by financing fast growing startups in the city.
  • We work towards establishing Berlin as tech and innovation hub.

Through successful exits there is an exponential effect as those founders often become business angels. Some of them even raise their own VC fund.


  • More than 70 startups in our portfolio
  • 252M EUR under management
  • 100M EUR in the investment phase
  • 13 investment professionals
  • Hyperlocal in Berlin
  • Industry agnostic
  • 1.4 billion EUR invested with co-investors
  • More than 300 active investors in our current portfolio
  • 29 exits since 2014
  • On average 1 deal/week (new and follow-on investments)


Whether you are looking to raise funds for your startup or seeking to broaden your network in general and are looking for a strong partner at your side, please get in touch asap. Feel free to chat with our founders. They are our strongest advocates.

Contact us.

It’s highly likely that you can just easily meet us at one of the many startup events in Berlin. And it is certain that someone with some relation to us or our portfolio is attending. However, if we miss you: We check each and every inquiry!

And we are super excited to kick off our new Office Hours on June 26th from 10 am to 2 pm at Unicorn Berlin, Brunnenstraße 64, 13355 Berlin. Send us a mail to, if you want to reserve a 30 minute slot. We aim to give you an easy opportunity to reach out to us and ask questions around fundraising.

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*Investors: institutional VCs, business angels, family offices, strategic partners, experts, etc.


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08. May 2019 Welcome to our Portfolio: SkillYoga

  • Yoga platform SkillYoga closes a mid 6-digit amount in seed funding with the goal to make Yoga more accessible for men
  • Their offer is targeted towards athletes from other sports
  • A training algorithm adapts the training to the user's preconditions and training goals

Berlin May 8th, 2019 - SkillYoga - the first digital yoga coach for men - announced today that they raised a mid-6-digit amount in their seed financing round. The round was co-lead by VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft administered by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and leAD Sports. Business angels Dr. Dominik Reinartz and Tobias Teuber joined the round as well.

According to Timko Linssen, Founder of SkillYoga, the investment is being used to produce further yoga content, develop the app and expand within the US and UK market. The goal is to become the number one training system for all men who want to do yoga.

SkillYoga is the first digital yoga coach that adapts to the needs of its users. Whether the user never stepped foot on a yoga mat or whether he is an experienced Yogi - based on a short test the algorithm creates the perfect training plan which continuously learns. Just like in professional sports, yoga is being offered to complement and counterbalance training in other sports and is neatly integrated into the training plan. While doing so, SkillYoga is the first training system that specifically considers the needs of the fast-growing male yoga market.

"We believe that the founders Gerjet, Timko and Benno are at the right time on the right place. SkillYoga will be able to compete with the free content by its high-quality and individual profiles. With their professional and analytical approach they can make use of their experience in online fitness. That convinced us to invest together with the other investors with specific sector knowledge at such an early stage", said Clemens Kabel, Investment Director at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

SkillYoga accepts and addresses physical preconditions as well as the training goals of men who want to do yoga without being spiritual. This distinguishes the training drastically from offline offers in yoga studios. "No matter whether one is super tight from lifting a lot of weight in the gym and simply aims at touching the toes or likes to strengthen core muscles for the next competition. Our algorithm creates the perfect plan for every person. A combination of classical Yoga Flows and elements from functional training creates fast and visible progress", - Gerjet Efken (Founder & CPO).

In 2018, SkillYoga was the only German startup to participate in the leAD Sports Accelerator program in Berlin. With more than 400 applications to the program, only nine international startups were handpicked to participate in the 12-week program which culminated at Demo Day in November last year.

"We witnessed the continuous development of SkillYoga throughout the accelerator program - both with their product and within their team. They were determined and passionate about their product, which is something we value deeply at leAD. We're looking forward to continuing this journey with them as they grow and expand into new markets." - Christoph Sonnen, leAD CEO & Co-Founder

About SkillYoga

With their training system based on progress SkillYoga follows the mission to make yoga long term accessible for men. Users sign up at and start their training guided by videos. A premium membership can be obtained for $10 per month. The training sessions combine mobility exercises, strength and relaxation routines. SkillYoga's coach is an attractive solution for those who are interested in yoga but haven't been convinced by existing offers.

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early stage financing in Germany. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries. Currently two of the funds managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of 60 million euros and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of 40 million euros. Both VC funds are financed by means of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) administered by the State Berlin. Since 1997 the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, in consortia with partners, has made 1.43 billion euros available to creative and technology-orientated companies; thereof, the portion invested by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft itself, as lead, co-lead or co-investor, was approximately 200 million euros.

About leAD

leAD - Legacy of Adi Dassler - is a Berlin-based sports entrepreneurship platform that helps fund and nurture remarkable sports startups. It was initiated by the grandchildren of Adi Dassler together with a unique group of shareholders who are experts in the fields of venture capital, business, sports business, and tech. It consists of the following elements. The leAD Sports Accelerator targets seed stage companies with innovative products, services and business models in or applicable to the realm of sports. This next-generation accelerator model with tightly aligned support for entrepreneurs and a linked fund that will capture value from the accelerator's leading companies creates an unprecedented ecosystem for sports technology value-creation. The leAD Business Builder manages all the leAD portfolio investments into the companies that come through the leAD Sports Accelerator. The team not only provides the direction and guidance for the follow-on investments but also helps the companies tackle tricky issues that come up at the crucial development stage of the startups. The ADvantage sports tech fund intends to invest in early-stage technology companies aimed at reshaping how we play and experience sports. Backed by leAD Sports and OurCrowd, the leading global equity crowdfunding platform, ADvantage, a 50-million dollar fund, will leverage a strong global network to source leading opportunities in the spaces of fan engagement and experience, connected athletes and communities, and derivative sports. With this, leAD now covers all stages of sports startups from Pre-Seed to Series A.

Further investors (Business Angels):

Tobias Teuber - Founder & Investor
Dr. Dominik Reinartz - Founder & Investor

17. April 2019 Steady Closes Financing Round

Berlin, 17. April 2019: Two prominent German investors have pledged to support Berlin-based start-up Steady in its international expansion. Alongside lead investor Müller Medien, VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin, managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, has joined the current financing round, in which Steady will receive a seven-figure sum.

Since its launch in 2017, Steady publishers have turned over more than 2 million euros. In Germany, more than 400 publishers already earn money with Steady, including Perlentaucher, Titanic, Krautreporter or Übermedien, Stefan Niggemeier's Blog for Media Criticism. Steady will use the additional funds to strengthen membership models for publishers and bring the model to other European countries.

Steady helps journalists, bloggers and podcasters earn money through membership programs, and exchange ideas with their audience. Steady's infrastructure helps publishers with marketing, community management, finance, and taxes so that they can focus on their actual work of creating quality content.

Gabriel Yoran, Steady Co-founder and Head of Investor Relations: "We couldn't have imagined greater investors for the Seed Round: Müller Medien has a significant publishing history with the German phone book and Yellow Pages and the "Was ist was" book series, among other things, but at the same time is actively involved in shaping the modern era of publishing. And IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, with its large creative industry fund, is the perfect partner for Steady because we are united by an interest in a lively independent media landscape".

"Together with a strong team, we look forward to fundamentally changing the way digital content can be successfully marketed and actively supporting Steady on this path," says Robert Kusche, Jr. Investment Manager at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. "Not only the experienced founding team with considerable domain expertise, but also the particular depth of added value from the software solution convinced us to make the membership model accessible to all European content creators as an innovative solution".

About Steady Media GmbH

Steady helps media professionals earn money and still remain independent. Memberships are the key to making this possible for all digital projects: blogs, online magazines, podcasts, and open source projects. Loyal audiences are passionate and willing to support their favourite publisher on a regular basis. All publishers need to do is offer them the opportunity. And that's exactly what Steady does: with membership programs, media professionals can turn their audiences into paying members. At the European Digital Media Awards presented in April by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), Steady reached the finals in the "Best Paid Content Strategy" category alongside the Guardian.

About Müller Medien GmbH und Co. KG

Müller Medien, founded in 1950 by then 65-year-old Hans Müller, together with a network of strong partners, forms a future-oriented group in the media and digital industry. In addition to the traditional phone book directories with print and digital formats, the group includes radio and television stations, book and weekly newspaper publishers as well as the New Business division, where Müller Medien and its partners are implementing new business models.

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft makes venture capital available to innovative Berlin companies and has established itself as the market leader in early-stage financing in Berlin. Since March 2015, two funds managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft have been in the investment phase. Both funds are financed by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE), managed by the State of Berlin. Since 1997, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft has managed more than 200 creative and technological projects in Berlin.



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15. April 2019 Medbelle raises $7m (€6m) in Series A

  • Funding round led by signals Venture Capital, with other investors including Talis Capital, Mutschler Ventures, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and prior backer Cavalry Ventures
  • Announcement signals rapid expansion of ground-breaking, end-to-end digital patient care platform
  • 30,000 Britons have already used new service to navigate their treatment journey, as founders on target to attract a further 144,000 users by 2020
  • Medbelle bringing greater efficiency and transparency to the previously fragmented and bureaucratic healthcare sector

London and Berlin, April 2019 - Medbelle, the UK's leading end-to-end platform for medical procedures, today announced $7m (€6m) in funding to accelerate the digitisation of the patient journey. The Series A funding round was led by signals Venture Capital and joined by Talis Capital, Mutschler Ventures, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and Cavalry Ventures.

Already covering the majority of the UK, and with its eye on international expansion, Medbelle's three-layered 'digital hospital' model (Medbelle Platform, Medbelle Care, and Medbelle Operating System) places unprecedented control in the hands of patients, while giving healthcare professionals access to an integrated suite of management tools covering the entire treatment journey - from first consultation to billing, post-operative care and follow-up.

Patients book their procedure with Medbelle, which provides them with leading specialists and state-of-the-art operating facilities - with all organisation taken care of by the platform. The Medbelle service is designed to save them time, stress and money, ensuring that they benefit from the very best treatments and facilities available. Once a patient is registered, every aspect of their treatment is accessible via a single, simple web portal and app, or through their own personal Medbelle Care Adviser.

At the same time, the Medbelle Operating System ensures healthcare providers can make the most of their valuable time and resources. It allows specialists, hospitals and staff to work more productively, and liberates them from inefficient, unnecessary administrative tasks.

Already enthusiastically backed by patients, with an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93 - making it the highest-rated medical provider in the UK - the cash injection will enable Medbelle to undertake the next phase of its roll-out. And with the UK private healthcare sector forecast to hit $13.8bn by 2023, it's a market opportunity that has proven highly attractive to investors.

In its launch phase, Medbelle was focused on privately-paid (self-funded) procedures in areas such as cosmetics, bariatrics and ophthalmology and is currently expanding into orthopaedics and fertility. In the future, Medbelle will work with private medical and public insurance providers / the NHS to leverage its technology and services to help patients with all types of medical procedure.

"The new capital will accelerate the development of our platform while growing Medbelle's operating footprint," said Daniel Kolb, co-founder and Managing Director of Medbelle. "It will allow us to streamline high-quality care at scale and take even more work off the hospitals' and specialists' shoulders. Our technology helps them to operate more efficiently, be better-utilised and fully focused on what matters most: the best care for patients."

Clemens Koós, investment manager at signals Venture Capital, said: "Major digital platforms improve customer experience in almost all industries, however, in healthcare, the digitisation of patient journeys has been heavily lagging behind until now. Medbelle's technology and personalised care enable much simpler and more affordable medical treatments - while allowing healthcare providers to efficiently focus on treating patients. We look forward to working with the Medbelle team and co-investors in expanding the platform to include more treatment specialities and increasing its reach."

Vasile Foca, Managing Partner at Talis Capital, said: "The digital health market is expected to reach $536bn by 2025 - so the time is right to be focusing on technologies that can transform healthcare and the patient journey as we know it today. We're proud to be backing Leander, Daniel and their high-quality team in this latest round as they roll out their truly digital treatment solution. Medbelle is the world's first digital hospital that creates real value for both patients and providers and offers unrivalled care from some of the country's best specialists."

Leander de Laporte, co-founder and Managing Director at Medbelle, said: "The 'digital hospital' creates real value for patients and healthcare providers alike and, therefore, can offer care from the best specialists in the country with a truly digital and personal experience. It's great to have new partners on board who bring such vast experience to the table. We all agree that an integrated model enables much faster deployment of technology to improve patient experience and reduce costs."

About Medbelle:

Medbelle is the first digital hospital - an end-to-end platform for medical procedures. We strive to create a world in which patients navigate their treatment journey digitally and receive personal care at the click of a button. We have integrated the entire patient journey to deliver a frictionless treatment experience for patients: We hire surgeons, rent operating facilities and provide a platform to streamline patient data, communication, provider selection, treatment pricing, scheduling and more. At the same time, our platform reduces workload and optimises utilisation of specialist doctors and hospitals. Our technology, patient care team and high-quality hospitals & specialists have garnered an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 93 and have allowed us to help more than 30,000 patients all over the UK. Visit for details.

About Talis Capital:

Talis Capital is a venture capital investment firm that takes smart money from some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and business people and invests it strategically in early stage technology companies with global potential. Talis has invested over $500m worth of transactions since 2009 and the portfolio includes Darktrace, Onfido, iwoca, Pirate Studios, Luminance, Ynsect and Oh My Green. Focused on building long-term partnerships, Talis leverages its network to give some of the world's most innovative startups opportunity to thrive. For more see

About signals Venture Capital:

signals Venture Capital is an early stage investor backed by a €100m venture capital fund with a focus on forward-looking, scalable technology solutions that can transform or disrupt entire industries. signals Venture Capital invests in companies active in disruptive industries such as health, mobility and financial services as well as b2b business models all over Europe and Israel, especially in the field of Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. The portfolio companies profit not only from the classic venture capital support but also from the extensive ecosystem with renowned German and European partners, industry experts and diverse distribution channels.

About Mutschler Ventures:

Mutschler Ventures is the venture arm of a Zurich based family office, actively investing in start-up companies in the digital as well as blockchain world. Over the past years, Mutschler Ventures has been invested in e.g., later, Adyen, McMakler, Auto1, Sygnum, Loanboox and other companies in the German-speaking region.

About Cavalry Ventures:

Cavalry Ventures is an entrepreneurially driven VC fund based in Berlin with a focus on angel and seed-stage investments in Europe. The six founding Partners have repeatedly financed, founded, built and sold market-leading companies such as Delivery Hero, Tradeshift or plista. Being both, experienced investors and still active entrepreneurs, the cavalry offers hands-on support and a strong value-add to ambitious founders of fast-growing technology companies.

About IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft:

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( provides venture capital to innovative Berlin-based companies and has established itself as a market leader in the field of early-stage financing in Germany. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries. Currently, two of the funds managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft are in the investment phase, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin II with a fund size of 60 million euros and the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin II with a fund size of 40 million euros. Both VC funds are financed by means of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) administered by the State Berlin. Since 1997 the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, in consortia with partners, has made 1.43 billion euros available to creative and technology-orientated companies; thereof, the portion invested by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft itself, as lead, co-lead or co-investor, was approximately 200 million euros.


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